Fusia Dog

Dina Koo's Fusia Dog is now open on Duncan just south of Queen Street.  Ditch that street meat and head here for a gourmet/good quality hot dog and some house made chips.  For first time visitors, start off with their signature fusia dog that's loaded with kim chee, carrot salad, wasabi mayo, and coriander, that's all wrapped up in a paratha (Indian flat bread).  Other interesting dog combos: fried pork belly with cream cheese, pickles and mustard; stir fried veggies with hoisin ketchup and hickory potato sticks; baked beans, bacon, fried onions and cheddar cheese; and grilled veggies with roasted garlic, black olive tomato salsa, feta cheese and pesto.  There's also a peking duck quesadilla and for all the non meat eaters, they've got veggie patties, tufo dogs and some delicious 'power slaw' made up of red cabbage, cheddar cheese, chopped up veggies, raisins and pumpkin seeds.          


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