Chinatown comes to The Drake

In early September The Drake Hotel launched their latest dining roadshow - Chinatown.  Head chef Anthony Rose offers his tantalizing take on Queen West Asian cuisine until mid November, so don't miss it.  Everything we ate, we loved.  Here's the rundown in order of the photos below - firecracker maple shrimp, BBQ orange chicken and shrimp egg rolls, tiger lily tuna, short rib and pumpkin potstickers, Chinatown baby back ribs, beef and broccoli (Cumbrae's strip steak), sesame and ginger cashew chicken, pork belly fried rice, white chocolate eclair with mango mousse, and ginger and vanilla panna cotta.      
The menu also features combo dinners for two, four and six.  And there's nothing better than personalized Drake fortune cookies at the end of the meal.    


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