The newly opened Acadia, finds itself smack in the middle of one of College Street West's busiest  intersections, across from the popular Cafe Diplomatico.  Acadia will be just as busy soon, so this is the perfect time to go.
Although the menu is small, the flavours, taste and colours of the dishes perfectly compensate.  The restaurant starts you off with an assortment of pickled vegetables and quail eggs.  One of the starters - crab stuffed inside squash blossom, came highly recommended by our knowledgeable and enthusiastic waiter (formally of Origin), and promised 'it's the perfect summer dish.' Well, it lived up to the description, and so did the mains - delicious, saucy and tender pork ribs and milk fed veal rack with yam dumplings.  Acadia's pancake style take on corn bread is a nice change, and the whipped sweet potato butter, a great touch.  Two choices for dessert include a sugar pie, and the extremely rich 'chocolate bar.'  If you like chocolate, you'll love it, although it would have been better warm.  If neither of those are your thing, just scoot down College to The Big Chill.            


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