Brickworks Breakfast

The full outdoor Brickworks market isn't up and running just yet, but if you do go before, these are a few of the booths you gotta check out.  

Cookstown Greens has the most delicious and fresh veggies you'll ever taste.  Don't even get me started on the carrots - you'll be thinking about those for days.  They also have handy kits with the basics you'll need to make a killer soup, like potato leek.  

Jamie Kennedy's son (along with his hipster friends) is still serving up some of the best french fries you'll ever taste.  Grab a cone for 4 bucks and you're good to go.  

Chez Vous continues to dominate the food booths.  The menu always creates instant mouth watering.  The scrambled egg sandwich with double smoked bacon and cheese is your best bet.  The bread is perfectly crispy and the inside perfectly soft and fluffy.  Meanwhile something new - the poached eggs & cassoulet with duck confit, sausage, tomato confit, marinated salad and baguette, was so filling but so delicious, you can't stop eating until you're done.   

Finally, The Canadian Pie Company has a stand.  Food & CO was one of the first to blog about their store on Queen Street East, and their table at Brickworks is just as appealing.  Eat one there or take a few home for later, or do both! 


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