Sugar Shack at The Drake

Until the end of April (sadly that's only about a week) the Sugar Shack is serving up sweet goodness at Toronto's Drake Hotel.  The menu consists of 4 items with maple as the common thread.  There's the fire cracker maple shrimp, the baked mac n' cheese with chili and maple syrup pulled pork, short rib and maple bacon sandwich with coleslaw, and caramel popcorn with maple sugar and peanuts.  After reading the options and drooling, all of it had to be tasted.  The shrimp is the perfect combination of sweet and just a tad spicy, perfect.  The mac n cheese is The Drake's regular decadent noodles drenched in creamy deliciousness, but taken to a whole other level with a hunk of pulled pork on top.  The sandwich is sloppy and messy but that's the fun of it.  Buy the popcorn to have at home for another day when entertaining, or snack on it right after dinner, if you didn't over indulge like I did.  For drinks, drink the maple jack sour.  It always gets the job done and tastes so damn good.  


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