Clinton Street Baking Company

There always seems to be a line outside the Clinton Street Baking Company, even on a weekday. Attempts in the past have failed, due to extreme hunger, but this time, we were going to wait it out. 45 minutes go by and we are finally seated and already know what we want to order. Clinton Street's award winning pancakes are a must, and they lived up to the hype. You can get them topped with either blueberry, chocolate or banana. The biscuits are also famous, but I didn't realize how large they are, like really large. You've now been warned - about the line and the large biscuits.


  1. thanks for going in. if you want to avoid the wait we have 120 seats at our restaurant uptown and we serve the same famous pancakes plus a very similar and delicious brunch!

    dede lahman, owner of clinton st. baking co.


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