Cafe Gitane @ The Jane Hotel

Booking a trip to New York can be scary, especially when it comes time to find a hotel. Even on discount sites, the prices can seem steep. So, on my most recent trip to New York, I decided to try out The Jane Hotel. I'd read about it in either Details or GQ a while ago and discovered the single 'cabins' and bunk bed 'cabins' go for $99 - $125 a night. What had detoured me was the shared washroom facilities, but it was time to suck it up.

Everything about the hotel was really cool - the staff in old school bellman uniforms, the elevator operator, Cafe Gitane (more on that in a second), the hipster bar scene and meatpacking district location. The room was very small, a bit of a challenge for two people, especially in the morning, but it's manageable. And the free wifi helps. The washrooms were also manageable, a bit odd at times, but clean and had fully private bathroom and shower rooms.

Now to Cafe Gitane, one of my favourite restaurant in New York. Their second location in the Jane is much bigger than their Nolita space. Everything about it is, well, perfect. There's the food of course (must tries - avocado toast, couscous, baked eggs), the good looking staff and the decor. Don't miss out on this place.


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