Polpo - London

It's easy to over order at Polpo and there are a couple reasons why. One, the menu is populated with give or take 46 dishes that all sound too good to pass up.  Two, it's tapas style and when that's the case, you always think you can eat more than you can chew.  But, what's wrong with over ordering in the first place? It's better to try a bunch of things you really want than to regret it later.  Right?

The Venetian restaurant has three locations in London - Soho, Smithfield and Covent Garden - which hosted our December visit.

(Potato & parmesan crocchette) 
(Chopped chicken liver crostini) 
(Roasted grapes, pine nuts, honey & goat cheese)
(Calamari, parsley & radish salad ) 
(Beef & pork meatballs) 
(Cauliflower & fontina gratin) 
(Pork belly, radicchio & hazelnuts) 
(Spinach, parmesan and soft egg)
(Meatballs & spaghettini) 


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