Queen West Art Crawl

It wasn't just about the art at the Queen West Art Crawl over the weekend.  Some of Toronto's finest food trucks lined the street, while restaurants like The Country General set up shop in Trinity Bellwoods Park and served pork tacos.  And we can't forget about the fun flavoured ice pops by The Pop Stand like peach bourbon iced tea and Guinness gingerbread.  

The Get Stuft food truck that sells gourmet sausage rolls, caught our eye, we even (but not surprisingly) went back for seconds.  Choose between 6 different sausages including - thai chicken, portobello horseradish beef, spinach/feta lamb or beef, creole turducken, apricot minted lamb, or pineapple minted pork.  Then choose a sauce - smoked gouda, wasabi honey dijon mustard, sweet chipotle BBQ, or creamy chimichurri.  Our first roll was the creole turducken sausage (mix of turkey, duck and chicken meat) with the wasabi honey dijon.  Our second was the minted lamb with the chimichurri.  Both combinations worked well together.  If you want to get 'Stuft' click here to follow their twitter page.    


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