Terroni - Queen Street West

During the summer months at Terroni on Queen Street West - people live for the back patio.  Dozens of hipsters (including on occasion Jake Gyllenhaal) line the front entrance waiting for one of the coveted tables.  Out back, the patio is shaded by a giant tree and large umbrellas, and things get pretty once the sun sets and the strings of twinkle lights take full effect.  
Despite Terroni's strict policies on substitutions and additions (like adding parm to seafood pasta), the food is consistently very good.  Share appetizers like the fried calamari or cheese stuffed squash blossoms (a summer special), and then split some pizzas and pastas.  Below are two of Terroni's pizzas topped with their homemade spicy Italian sausage, and cavatelli pasta with slow cooked lamb tomato sauce and pecorino.     


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