Cafe Belong @ Brickworks

For a nice brunch outside the downtown core, hop in the car, or on the TTC, and head to Brickworks. Yes, the food booths like Chez Vous are great for a quick bite, but Cafe Belong is a nice place to sit, relax and people watch.  Brickworks these days draws a pretty diverse crowd including families with babies and dogs, to hipsters in plaid.  
The sausage roll in gravy with two fried eggs, was the favourite at the table.  The pancakes were slightly intense, huge and fluffy.  The scone with butter and jam, came to the table warm, which was very much appreciated.      
The cafe is also open for dinner. 
Hours - Monday to Friday - 12 to 10 and Sat/Sun - 11 to 10.   



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