Woodlot Restaurant & Bakery

Everyone's been asking, so here are the photos from dinner at Woodlot earlier this week.  Couldn't get a last minute reservation so arrived for 6:30 and luckily there was room at the communal bakers table.  Sitting exactly where the bread is made, somehow seems to makes it even more delicious.  Add in the salty butter and, heaven.  If you order the baked caramelized french onion soup, which you should, you'll also find big chunks of the bread, nice and soggy.  They'll split the soup for sharing, letting you order another starter to try out.   In our case it was the smoked whitefish and potato salad.  The red fife whole wheat pappardelle with braised spring lamb, dandelion greens and pecorino was the best thing we tried.  The farm fresh egg tagliatelle with sheeps milk ricotta, proscuitto, peas and mint was close behind but not as good as the sides.  The roasted potato gnocchi with brown butter and sage wasn't like your typical saucy and soft pasta but crispy, almost like home fries.  Also try the butter roasted radishes topped with breadcrumbs.  Didn't think there was possibly room for dessert until I remembered seeing photos of the marshmallow lemon and blueberry tart.  Once you see it below, you'll understand.  

After experiencing Woodlot for the first time, the wood burning oven, the fresh bread and pasta, it definitely makes sense why it's one of Toronto's most buzzed about restaurants.  


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