m : brgr

Another burger restaurant opens in Toronto, this one rolling in from Montreal.  M : brgr, which you can find at King and Spadina, is close to competitor Craft Burger, but is a bit fancier with sit down service.  
The first part of the menu has instructions and there are lots of choices for your meat.  The menu comes with lots of topping options including nine different types of cheese, a fried egg, semi dry cherry tomatoes, and even pulled pork.  Be careful not to get carried away, because it'll set you back.  And they don't just serve burgers.   The mac and cheese is intense with a thick sauce and crushed potato chips sprinkled on top. Even better than the burgers and everything else, the freshly baked chocolate chip cookie with ice cream. Just look at it (photo below).  It's a must order.  Go just for it.    

Take note, a portion of M:brgr's proceeds go to SickKids Foundation.  


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