GUU's Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom - peach liqueur, cassis liqueur, red wine and 7UP.

This drink is seriously so good. It's one of those drinks that doesn't taste like it has a drop of alcohol in it, which can be dangerous. GUU's drink list also consists of a section dedicated to vodka sodas (!!!) and original creations, where the Cherry Blossom can be found.

CHU-HIGH(Vodka Soda)
"NAMA Lemon Sawa" (Fresh Lemon+Vodka+Soda)
"NAMA Gra Sawa" (Fresh Grapefruit+Vodka+Soda)
"Ramune Sawa" (Guu Original Ramune+Vodka)
"Calpico Sawa" (Calpico+Vodka+Water)
"KYURI High" (Fresh Cucumber+Vodka+Water)
"Oolongh High" (Oolong Tea+ Vodka)

SAKE Mojito (Sake+Lime+Mint+GUU Original Ramune)
UME Mojito (UME-SHU+Rum+SHISO Leaf+Maplesyrup+Soda)
Bamboo (Melon Liqueur+White Wine+Lychee Juice+Soda)
Cherry Blossom (Peach Liqueur+Cassis Liqueur+Red Wine+7UP)
Lulu Melon (Vodka+Melon Liqueur+Guava Juice+Soda)
Macha Coco (Malibu+Macha+Milk+Whipping Cream)
Cassis Oolong (Cassis Liqueur+Peach Liqueur+Oolong Tea)
OTOKOMAE (SAKE+Tequila+Cointreau+Lemon Juice)
Three SAMURAI (3 kinds of sake shooters)

Which one do you want to try?


  1. I love the cherry blossom drink! It's got to be my favourite mixed drink though I haven't had much luck making it myself. I need to find peach liqueur and not use schnappes, throws off that whole 'doesn't taste like it has a drop of alcohol in it' aspect.


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