Walking into Clafouti on a weekend morning to find most of their croissant bins turned over, is a disappointing feeling. But face it, you got there too late. So instead of sulking, there are two things you can do - one, go earlier, or two, choose something else. The second option really isn't that bad considering what they've got. Delicious sandwiches on fresh, tender baguettes (love the bocconcini, pesto, mayo and tomato sandwich), and a selection of sweet desserts. You really can't go wrong. The chocolate croissant however, is worth waking up early for, so try not to drink so much the night before. I also have to say this place is pretty damn adorable. It's definitely my favourite building on Queen Street West.

Clafouti is located at 915 Queen Street West, across from Trinity Bellwoods Park.


  1. This place rules. The keylime pie/tart is worth the calories and then some!


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