Playa Cabana - Barrio Coreano

If you've been following the Playa Cabana taco takeover you'll know the first restaurant opened in a quiet little house at 111 Dupont Street at Davenport.  Things didn't stay quiet for long though. The place got so popular you'd have to make reservations weeks in advance and neighbours were not happy with the noise.
Their second one - Playa Cabana Cantina opened on Dundas West and then Playa Cabana Hacienda opened at Dupont and Avenue Road.  Now there's Barrio Coreano on Bloor Street West smack dab in the middle of Toronto's vibrant Korea town.  The look and feel of this location is similar to Cantina and Hacienda with its neon flashing lights and tasty tacos, but Coreano has a Korean spin.
One word - kimchi.  The fermented veggie is incorporated into multiple dishes including the seared scallops, the grilled calamari, the 32oz cowboy ribeye (a special the night of our visit), and even the whisky sour.  There's also a bulgogi style bbq beef taco.  Other tacos ($5 each) include grilled octopus, spicy carnita, baja fried fish, chipotle chicken, and fried chihuahua (not that's a Mexican cheese) with tofu pico.  

A few more interesting decor details reported by Toronto Life - 16 bowling alley lanes became the restaurants table tops and bar, the red neon 16 lanes sign was picked up at a bowling alley in Philly and the flashing neon star was found at a market in Hollywood.


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