Toronto Pearson's Terminal One Transformation

While waiting for your flight at Toronto Pearson's Terminal one (by gate area D) there are some new and noteworthy shops to keep you occupied.  If you aren't feeling like a Starbucks or Tim Hortons - try a gourmet cuppa at Davids Tea.  Kill time sniffing through the dozens of sweet and savory flavours, and sip your drink out front in the bright and welcoming space while people watching other passengers.    

Feel like taking a piece of Canadiana on your trip? The Hudson's Bay Company has you covered with everything from their iconic striped pea coats to scarves and hats and even a canoe (priced at a mere $7,500).
The iStore has the latest apple gadgets, iPhone cases, headphones and even MacBooks.

And for a semi fast food fix roll you and your carry-on into Massimo Capri's Boccone.  The chef behind the restaurant Mistura serves up his traditional Italian pizzas and pastas, and starting at 5:30am there's breakfast (until 10:45am).  The two breakfast pizzas come highly recommended by staff.  The Primo Scaccia is stuffed with scrambled eggs, melted cheese, onions and sausage.  You also get some tomato sauce for dipping.
It will leave you full and ready for take off.


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