Sud Forno

If you pop into Terroni's gorgeous new bakery (located a few doors East of their Queen West restaurant) it will be very hard to leave without trying at least one thing.  You'll understand once you see what's behind the counter.  From Italian cookies, cakes, pastries and pies, to nutella brioche (yes, we said that) and loaded sandwiches - the mouthwatering options seem endless.  Pizzas are baked in the back and then sliced into big squares.  One of the young pizza makers recommends the red onion and pancetta telling us it's one of the more popular slices.  At the front Sud serves their homemade gelato.  Flavours include fig and ricotta, praline, and hazelnut.  They have a massive wall of bread to choose from and another wall where you can browse bottles of olive oil, canned tomatoes and peppers, coffee, and chocolate.    

When you're ready to eat grab a stool by the window, a seat outside on the bench, or walk over to Trinity Bellwoods for a picnic in the park.      


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