Taim - Falafel & Smoothie Bar - NYC

Accidentally finding a delicious restaurant when you're visiting a city, especially when your stomach is growling, is the best thing.
This was the case on a trip to New York a few months back.  Wandering the West Village, happy yet very hungry, a quick stop into clothing store Saturdays NYC lead us right next door to the tiny falafel and smoothie bar - Taim.  There's a lot of choice on the all vegetarian menu but since it was lunch and the place was rammed, we didn't have a lot of time to decide.  The simple and most logical thing to do was order Taim's famous falafel (gluten free and fried in 0% trans-fat oil).  You can get either a whole wheat or white pita and three different flavours - green (traditional - parsley, mint and cilantro), harissa (mild spicy - tunisian spices), and red (not spicy - roasted red peppers).  Next, the pita is stuffed with hummus, Israeli salad, pickled cabbage and tahini. You can trick it out by adding extra toppings like a boiled egg or feta cheese for a buck.  

And if you're wondering, Taim in Hebrew means highly pleasant to the taste, delicious. Our thoughts exactly.  


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