Breakfast in London for a Banknote or a Tuppence

Spoil yourself at The Wolseley.  With its towering arches, and marbled floors, the properties rich history is felt right after walking inside.  Built in 1921 for the now defunct Wolseley Motors Limited, the building was sold to a bank and in 2003 transformed into what it is today.

Breakfast runs from 7 until 11:30 a.m. on weekdays (from 8 a.m. on weekends) and it's easy to understand why the business set take advantage of the luxurious space for early morning meetings.  The menu stays true to the vibe, particularly with its classic english breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, baked beans, tomato, black pudding and mushrooms (£15.25).  Another popular dish is the fish cake with poached eggs (£6.75 for one egg), and be sure to order the mixed basket of pastries (£7.75) that are made fresh on site.    

After emptying your pockets at The Wolseley, your next breakfast in London should be at Leon.  The cheap and cheerful chain say they have set out to change the face of fast food, and we agree.  You can be in and out in a matter of minutes (if you're so inclined) and the restaurant boasts that their ingredients are fresh and from farmers they trust.  They also list all their nutritional data online (click here) and work with nutritionists and doctors.  But what Leon's really mastered (besides the food) is the brand.  Its name is lit up in large bulbs outside its locations and from the food packaging to the floor tiles everything is decked out in fun and colourful prints and patterns.

The breakfast menu features lots and lots of pots.  There are the poached egg pots (genius) (£1.99 - £2.30), magic porridge pots (£1.50 - £2.49) and Greek yoghurt pots (£1.50 - £1.99), and too many combination of pots to list.  We tried the poached egg with truffle gruyere and chorizo and wanted to order five more immediately after.  And if you are after that classic english breakfast, you can even get it in, surprise, surprise, a pot (£3.70).
There are also breakfast sandwiches (£2.99) and toast (£1.49). Oh, and they serve lunch and dinner too!         


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