Sliced Gourmet

This summer you can get a slice of London, right here in Toronto.
If you're familiar with the British takeaway sandwich chain Pret A Manger, then you'll understand what Sliced is all about.  Recently opening at Bay and Elm, the shop puts out 'just made' (like it states on the box) sandwiches - ranging from shrimp and avocado, Bricklane chicken, salmon gravlax, fig and prosciutto, to even peanut butter and jam, nutella with crushed hazelnuts, and a vegan eggless salad.  Sandwiches are priced from $4.50 (half a sammy) up to $13.75 (the lobster BLT).
Sliced also offers a diverse selection of salads, soups, pastries, fresh juices, yogurt parfaits and oatmeal.
And besides their use of fresh and local ingredients, the other thing that definitely shouldn't go unnoticed is that at the end of each day, the leftover food is donated to Second Harvest.                
The photos below are from their opening party last month.


  1. I heard from my sister, when I was visiting her in London, that Pret A Manger is actually owned by McDonalds. Maybe you've noticed that a P.A.M. is always right next door to McD's, and it's quite a brilliant way of cornering the entire market...people who don't DO McD's are usually the same who go for the delicious, hearty and healthy take out items from P.A.M.
    Regardless of who owns what, if Sliced nibbles are as marvelous as Pret A Manger's, I am there with drool on top!


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