Summer School at The Drake Hotel

The Drake Hotel continues their coolness domination with their latest pop up venture.  This time it's in the dining room, which was converted into 'the summer school dining hall' in just 2 days.  They serve spiked juice boxes (stronger than you think), the menus are in dou-tangs, the delicious and creamy alphabet tomato soup is poured from thermos' and the kitsch list continues.  Chef Anthony Rose once again delivers, and serves up awesome dishes.  Love the cheesy garlic bread, the lobster roll, the tomato soup, the meaty crab cakes, and the mac and cheese (their classic but still so good).  And then there's the massive two pound Cumbrae rib steak.  The photo speaks for itself.   
At the launch event, we got to try almost every single thing on the menu.  Never seen anything like it. 
Thanks to The Drake and the gals at Rock It for the fun and delicious night. 

The summer school pop up runs until early September.  After that it's Chinatown.
And on a sad note, The Drake BBQ, the pop up two doors down from the hotel, is closing on July 2nd to focus energies on Summer School.  If you haven't been, go this week!        



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