416 Snack Bar

Adorable almost bite sized gourmet snacks, what's not to love, especially when they taste great too.  416 Snack Bar found on Bathurst, just North of Queen, is great for well ya, snacks, and you get to use your fingers.  Stop in for a fix before the bar, after the bar, or as someone put it, just to get drunk.  With prices ranging from 3-7 dollars per snack, you'll want to order at least 3 things.  Seen below: the burrata crostini with roasted garlic, an oven roasted grape tomato, olive oil and sprinkled with salt; the mini mac (inspired by a Mcdonalds big mac including the toppings); and the pork bun.  The smore dessert sounded good.  Next time.  Oh and the plates are the cutest.   


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