Drake Hotel

There are always new and exciting things going down at The Drake Hotel and a few of them are happening in the dining room.  Chef Anthony Rose has a new menu that includes lobster nachos.  Yes, I just said that.  Rose throws together fresh chips with gobs of guacamole, large Maritime lobster chunks, pickled jalapenos and mornay sauce.  Order it for the table.  You won't be sorry.

Also new, an old school shelving unit in the back of the dining room.  Rose says if people are into it, the whole room could be getting a face lift.

Other dishes we ordered; the super crispy sweet potato tater tots,  beet salad with baked goat cheese, roasted pumpkin ravioli with sage, hazelnuts and brown butter, seared sea scallops with braised bacon and ricotta dumplings, and the daily bbq special - pork ribs.  For dessert a gooey, caramelly banana pie called the banoffee, and the mile high whacky cake - a 9 layer (we counted), chocolate nutella stunning creation.  It's incredibly rich and dense, but really, how can you say no to nutella anything!?


  1. omg your blogs always make me miss toronto more... :(
    care bear


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