Dinner at The Queen & Beaver

Here are some snapshots from dinner at The Queen & Beaver (on Elm St. near Yonge and Dundas). I've written about this place before mainly because I love the homey atmosphere. You really do feel like you're in an English pub.

Favourites - the simple cheese and tomato on toast, fish and chips, the burger, the croquettes (a dish I fell for in Spain - essentially battered mashed potatoes) and the sticky toffee pudding. The first time I went they put Stilton blue cheese ice cream on the toffee pudding by accident. It's supposed to come with vanilla, so when we tasted the stilton, we thought the ice cream had gone bad. Hopefully that won't happen to you. We also tried the scotch egg, an English dish and didn't really care for it. The pub is open for lunch but it gets pretty packed, so if you can, make a reservation.


  1. You really like this place, eh?
    Sorry to hear about the stilton surprise. Can't say I share your love of croquettes!


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