Three Places to Eat in Winnipeg

Stella's Cafe and Bakery
On a recent trip to Winnipeg for work and confined to a hotel by the airport, we were pleasantly surprised to find Stella's on the second floor of the newly renovated James Armstrong Richardson International (pre-security).  Voted best breakfast in Winnipeg Stella's lives up to the hype with the fried egg sandwich, fluffy pancakes and freshly baked fruit filled muffins.  They also serve salads, sandwiches (the roast chicken with cranberry sauce is a must try), soups, chillis and curries.  There are multiple Stella's across Winnipeg.  The airport location is open 24 hours.   

Pizzeria Gusto
There are 15 different pizzas to choose from at Gusto.  They cook their pies in a wood burning oven and serve them with a special utensil (fork and pizza cutter in one) that we've never seen before.  etalk host Ben Mulroney, who has eaten at some of the best restaurants in the world, declared The Don (spicy tomato sauce, porchetta, spicy Italian sausage, calabrese salami and mozzarella) one of the best pizzas he has ever eaten.  
Add an egg yolk for an extra dollar and for three extra dollars you can get your crust gluten free.  The restaurant also serves pastas, osso buco and halibut, and a variety of salads and appetizers like bruschetta, roasted brussels sprouts with pancetta, house made meatballs, calamari and a grilled caesar salad served warm with strips of bacon.

Rae & Jerry's Steakhouse
When you step inside this Winnipeg institution you'll feel like you've travelled back in time. 
Rae & Jerry's served its first steak in 1957 and while it may not be the best meal you'll ever have, it's the experience that makes the restaurant a must visit.    
Be sure to order the fluffy coconut cream pie for dessert. 


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