Tom's Dairy Freeze

To go to one of the best soft serve ice cream places in Toronto, you'll have to leave the downtown core.
Tom's Dairy Freeze (open since 1969) is located on the Queensway in Etobicoke and draws crazy crowds in the summer months.
What's important to note about Tom's soft serve is that it is made with real cream - making it thick, rich and oh so delicious.  Get it in a cone, with sprinkles, dipped in chocolate, in a sundae formation with butterscotch - the options are endless, but really anyway you order it, you will not be disappointed.
They also offer burgers, hot dogs, steaks and fresh cut fries.  Do what we did and relax in the sun on one of the picnic tables out front, while dipping your fries into some ice cream.  Sounds weird, tastes amazing.

(Henry is clearly a fan) 


  1. Remember to write for all of Toronto, not just downtown hipsters. I don't need to leave downtown to go to Tom's, I already live in West Toronto as do thousands of others. It's not the boonies... we pay T.O.taxes too!

  2. ughhh stfu... ---^

  3. Face it is the boonies, but it has great ice cream, and you read this blog because you wish you were a downtown hipster.

    And that's not an insult. It's an aspirational site. Designed to make you want to be urban or visit urban places.
    Look through the old articles it covers New York, Montreal, Israel, London, LA but not the suburbs in those cities either.

  4. Wrong on all fronts. "stfu"???? Classy, real classy.
    Parklawn & Queensway is no more the boonies than the Beaches. Perhaps you are in need of a map.
    Many food writers have been guilty of sticking to downtown reviews.
    Have lived downtown many years back. Too old to be hip.
    I read his mother's (bonnie stern) twitter feed. Never read this blog before.

  5. So this looks amazing! Since moving back from NYC, nothing has compared to the creamy soft serve from Big Gay Ice Cream. Might this be the winner???


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