SLURP Noodlefest

Noodle lovers of all kinds came together for the first SLURP Noodlefest at the Great Hall in Toronto on Sunday.  Restaurants like Richmond Station, A-OK Foods, The Hawthorne, and Skin and Bones set up shop offering (you guessed it) lots and lots of noodles, and also some savory snacks to a sold out showing.

For us the standout dish wasn't actually slurpable.  Splendido's steamed bun pork belly 'Big Macs' with cheddar cheese, lettuce, and their interpretation of McDonald's 'secret sauce' stole the show.  The Harbord Street resto also put out a rich black truffle ramen, with impressively large shavings of truffle.  Good on them!
We should also mention Skin and Bones famous chicken tails.  Deep fried in a crispy coating they're a must try for even the most apprehensive eaters.      

And shout out to the folks at Tromba Tequila who made some wicked lavender margaritas.

(Splendido's Black Truffle Ramen) 
(Splendido's Pork Belly 'Big Mac') 
(Skin and Bones' Chicken Tails) 
(Coconut Sticky Rice) 


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