Meatballs for dinner? Yes please!

On a very rainy and cold November night, there's nothing more perfect then enjoying the ultimate comfort food.  Who doesn't love a good meatball, right!? And at Hey Meatball, on College Street just East of Ossington, you guessed it, it's all about the balls.
Step up to the counter and deiced between the 4 mains written on the chalkboard.  Each one is priced at $11 and the sides are $5.  Put in your order, grab a seat and wait for your number to be called.  Simple as that.  
Below are the pork/beef balls in tomato sauce with rigatoni, side of roasted beets, 'the rodfather' - pork/beef balls with tomato sauce on ciabatta and the mushroom eggplant vegan balls with a parmesan sauce on polenta.  A few things to note - the tomato sauce is sweet but good sweet, the rodfather sandwich is deliciously sloppy and soggy, and even though the vegan balls looked burnt to a crisp, they were perfect.   


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